Ethan is a handsome, fun 13-year-old boy. He was diagnosed with heart and liver failure at age 6 months. You can imagine the changes our family had to make when we received this diagnosis. In an amazing sequence of events, Ethan received a simultaneous heart and liver transplant in the early part of 2012. Since then, he has been recovering and going to many doctors appointments—Ethan and our whole family are now very familiar with hospitals and IVs and waiting rooms!

We are behind Ethan 100%. We actually live a state away from the hospital where Ethan receives his care. Life is not easy: Ethan’s father had to quit his job in order to be able to care for Ethan full time. Ethan’s mother has traveled back and forth to care for Ethan, our home, a new baby, and Ethan’s siblings! I think our family makes heroic efforts every day.  Ethan is so positive. In an interview with a news station, Ethan told one reporter, “I’d like to thank my dad for being by my side when I went into the operation room. He stayed there even when I was asleep in the ICU.”

Traveling back and forth between our home and the hospital put a huge financial strain on our family. We really worried about losing our home. After discussing Ethan’s medical needs and our financial concerns with our social worker, our social worker suggested we talk to Reliance Children’s Foundation. Because of donations from wonderful people, Reliance Children’s Foundation was able to help our family keep our home in another state. The Foundation also helped with finances for our car and transportation costs. Without the financial concerns hanging over us, we can focus on caring for all of our children.

Thank you, thank you, Reliance Children’s Foundation!

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