Written by Jasmine’s mother: I was reminded today that on 18th July 2012 Jasmine was Diagnosed with Neuroblastoma stage 3. It was….the only words come to mind as I cry remembering is…crazy. She was two yrs old, and we just got a cat the same day she fell and the tumor burst inside her. We had to do surgery, chemo, stem cell transplant, radiation, and now the last of the treatment is the Cirmeric. Jasmine has been in remission since she finished chemo. She has stayed in remission doing the stem cell transplant and radiation and currently is still in remission and we are completing the plan and so excited about that!! Jasmine her older sister Jaia and myself live together. Jazz and her sister love

to play, sing, and dance. We just want to say Thank You all who involved for helping us! It helps relieve some of the worry from my mind so I could concentrate on her treatment and take care of her.

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