An AMAZING story about an AWESOME family. Reliance LOVES being a small part of this family’s life:

My sweet little Adler was a completely normal 7 year old boy in every way until March 5th 2013. We woke up in the middle of the night with him in severe pain. We went to the emergency room where we did a CT scan. Only a few minutes later I found myself being told the unimaginable. Something that would forever be seared into my memory and change the course of our lives. They found a mass around his left kidney that was as big as a softball. It looked like cancer of some sort but they weren’t sure which type yet. They referred us to our local Medical Center and everything has been a whirlwind from there. Only 2 days later we were having surgery to remove the tumor. Pathology would report that it was stage 3 Nephro Blastoma also known as Whilm’s disease. We had a few days to recover in the hospital then started radiation and chemotherapy simultaneously. We have completed the radiation therapy and are still in weekly chemotherapy.

To describe the feelings as a parent, or the fear of a 7 year old, or the feeling of fighting for life really cannot be put into words. We take each day, each step, one at a time. In its challenges there are beautiful moments and we cherish those. We hold to knowledge that this too shall pass. We hope and pray for a positive outcome.

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