Fact Sheet:


  Since the launch of Reliance Children’s Foundation in 2010, more than 270 families with children who have a terminal or chronic illnesses have received financial support.

  In the greater Utah region, Reliance Children’s Foundation has helped 210 families (some are located in Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona).

  In Florida, Reliance Children’s Foundation has supported over 60 families.

  The 501(c)(3) Foundation supports families in times of crisis by doing things such as:

   Purchasing plane tickets so that a sick child can receive urgent care from a specialist in a different state
   Providing a car to a family for daily transportation to and from the hospital
   Payment of utility bills, including mortgages
   Paying for medical services, bus passes, groceries and funeral expenses.


  100% of all donations to the Foundation go directly to assisting families with their basic needs. Philanthropic support pays for the Foundation’s minimal operational expenses so that all donations from the public go directly to families.

  Reliance Children’s Foundation works directly with children’s hospitals to find families in critical situations. Social workers who work closely with individual cases help families fill out an application to receive funds.

  To learn more about the Foundation’s work, read the testimonials from families who have benefitted here:

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